The WooFDriver takes to the air!  Welcome to AirWOOF One

AirWOOF One is WooFDriver’s latest addition to his camera fleet! You see WooFDriver is constantly in search for the latest technologies to document all of the EPIC Adventures he is doing with his WooFPAK. For over 20 years WooFDriver has been a proud parent to many Siberian Huskies. Because of their high energy drive, WooFDriver has pioneered many new ways to interact, challenge, and give this Wolf-like breed a way to purge their power and unleash their instincts. This has become a lifestyle for him and his Dogs and he so cherishes these most incredible times and wants to forever be able to relive and share them, so capturing the moment is imperative. He hopes to inspire everybody to share the love and their lives with a Dog:) The AirWOOF One offers some most incredible perspectives of the WooFPAK doing what they do. In addition you will get some spectacular views of some of the most scenic areas in the USA! A lot of these activities and WooFDriver’s Training Methods can be found on his Network of Websites by clicking here.  To  read more about Bill “WooFDriver” Helman  please  go to his BIO website by clicking here. 

Siberian Huskies Training, Sports & Adventure Videos


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  • 1-Dans-Rock-1024PX
  • Lehigh-Gorge-1024PX
  • Abandon-PA-Turnpike-1024PX
  • MON-River-Trail-1024PX-OP
  • CC-GAP-trail-1024PX-
  • Night-Upper-Buck-1024PX
  • MillHD-1024PX
  • PointLookout-1024PX
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